Accumulation and pumping units

Gruppi di accumulo e pompaggio - Zoppi Srl

Monoblock stations for the accumulation and the storage of liquids and hydraulic pumps for the circulation from primary systems to the utilities side

We design and manufacture plants and monoblock systems for the storage and the pumping of liquids (generally glycol solutions).
They are systems manufactured and tested at our facilities, “plug and play” type, ready to be plugged to primary and secondary hydraulics systems. On monoblock made of stainless steel, they are designed to be installed outdoors, without occupying valuable covered and internal spaces.
Usually equipped with one or more tanks, made of AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel, for the storage of chilled / heated liquids, they are insulated to minimize thermal dispersion towards the external environment.
For the liquid pumping are equipped with hydraulics pumps for the primary recirculation and for to the utilities lines, with stainless steel hydraulics depending by the size.

Sized and designed according to your needs

  • Circulation and distribution hydraulic pumps in adequate numbers to serve all utility lines independently
  • Every hydraulic pump is sized by our technical office considering the characteristics of the systems they will serve
  • Frequency inverters are used to command the hydraulic pumps, in order to keep constant the head pressure in outlet
  • Soft-start or frequency ramp start systems for large pumps engines, to avoid “water hammering”
  • Thermoregulations to regulate liquids at intermediate temperatures
  • Plate heat exchangers for heat recovery
  • Systems for the measuring of the flowrate, of the level presence, of the pressure and of the temperature according to requirements
  • Electrical panel and management system for all the functions of the whole system aboard

They are integrated solutions, designed to be installed in the middle between the user side and the cooling / heating primary systems

They allow the modularity of the refrigeration (and heating) systems: when the cooling capacity is no longer enough, it is possible to replace the liquid chiller with one of bigger capacity or it will be possible to place another chiller next to it and to plug it to the same accumulation and pumping unit, avoiding to do modifications to the utilities side.
They can be combined with our Comby for simultaneous heating and cooling function.

Units for the accumulation and preparation of water intended for the preparation of food products

Accumulation and pumping units for the preparation of water intended to be consumed by productive lines for foodstuff.
For example, chilled or heated water intended for the production of bread, biscuits, creams, sauces, cheeses, etc. While, in other situations, chilled water is required for washing fruits and vegetables, before the cutting, preparation and packaging processes.