Small and medium cooling capacity liquid chillers

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Liquid chillers suitable for small and medium duties, where is not required high cooling capacity but quality, efficiency and reliability

Even when the required cooling capacity is small, our liquid chillers are designed and manufactured with the same method and the same care of the high capable liquid chillers. It is a specific production for enterprises that have small and medium productions, but that do not want to renounce the quality and reliability of the large industrial chillers.

Particularly suitable for wineries, breweries, dairy and milk processing makers, laboratories, bakeries and industrial pastry making, small and medium-sized facilities for the production of liqueurs, beverage and soft drinks.

Cooling capacities from 1 kW up to 200 kW, single or twin independent gas circuits, depending by the models:

  • Hermetic Scroll or semi-hermetic alternative pistons compressors
  • AISI 316L plate evaporator
  • Air cooled condenser with extra-large capacity
  • Electrical control box for the managing of the machine, with electronic thermostat or industrial PLC
  • Structure and panelling entirely made of stainless steel
  • On request with heating section for the heating of the liquid

Standard working range: +45°C / -20°C
Extended working range, on request: +60°C / -40°C

Built on monoblock structure, delivered ready to use (plug and play), are equipped, as standard, with the whole needed hydraulics, already installed aboard:

  • Accumulation buffer tank, in stainless steel, insulated, with adequate capacity, for atmospheric pressure or pressurized type, for the thermal flywheel effect
  • Liquid pump, in stainless steel, for the primary recirculation
  • Secondary liquid pumps, in stainless steel, dedicated for the utilities lines, in an adequate number and each one with designed specifications for the hydraulics to serve
  • Hydraulics safety and control components: flow and level switches, pressure transmitters, etc.
  • On request every pump can be drived by frequency inverters to keep at a defined pressure rate the head of the pumped liquid
  • On request it is possible to install aboard thermoregulations for secondary sections at intermediate temperatures

Moreover, each liquid chiller can be customized to best meet the specification of utilities systems to serve.

Contact us for more technical information and to define the best suitable solution for your needs.

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