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Industrial liquid chillers specific for intensive applications, designed to work in service to the most demanding industries and productive lines

The Zoppi srl is a leader in designing and manufacturing of industrial chillers suited for large industries and 24/7 continuous productive lines.
Intensive industrial applications require refrigeration systems that can guarantee of maximum reliability and the best efficiency even in the most severe conditions of use.
Built on monoblock, suitable for the installation into machine rooms or outdoors, they are designed and built for continuous work, for over 8000 hours of work par year, and compatible with drastically reduced maintenance times compared to conventional systems.
Our design with multiple refrigeration circuits in parallel ensures maximum reliability and backup in the event of a service interruption on one of the circuits.

Centralized refrigeration systems in service to production centers and whole factories

Available in a wide range of cooling capacities: from 150 kW to 2,500 kW, built on monoblock.
And when the required cooling capacity is even higher, it is possible to combine several chillers in parallel to increase the total cooling capacity.
Our electronic control systems let to centrally manage the whole system as a single refrigeration unit, capable of controlling, among everything else, the cooling capacity control devices and therefore adapting the total cooling capacity in output according to the instantaneous thermal load required by the utilities side.

Designed for the most demanding applications, which the conventional refrigeration can’t reach

They are available in many application envelopes:

  • High temperature: liquid in cooling up to +90°C
  • Medium-high temperature: from +15°C to +40°C
  • Standard: from -10°C to +20°C
  • Low temperature: from -35°C to -15°C
  • Extreme low temperature: up to -60°C

Our industrial chillers are made by only components with a proven guarantee of reliability and performance, which let an increase in the average life of the system.

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