High cooling capacity liquid chillers

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Liquid chillers with high cooling capacity, able to serve large enterprises with continuous service at the maximum efficiency

Mainly at the service of the food industry, their duty is to cool down heat transfer fluids (glycolate solutions or specific anti-freeze fluids) in order to refrigerate the final products.
Cooling capacities from 200 kW up to a 1.260 kW, built on monoblock.

Particularly suitable for food companies looking for centralized cooling systems, big wineries, large breweries, refrigerated warehouses and large cold rooms for the maturation of fruits and vegetables

Our liquid chillers are very versatile, because are designed to work in a wide application envelope and because are manufactured and quality verified at every stage to grant then maximum reliability even in the worst and most extreme working conditions.
The design of multiple refrigeration circuits, in parallel, ensures the maximum reliability and backup in the event of a service interruption to one of the circuits.

Research and development

We are constantly looking for the increasing of the energetic efficiency, so we use combinations of different technologies to maximize the efficiency and to reduce the energy consumption, especially at the partial thermal loads and when is not required the 100% of the cooling capacity.
Our commitment also concerns sustainability, we design new solutions to reduce the environmental impact, by carefully choosing the most innovative and ecological refrigerant gases and systems that allow us to minimize the refrigerant gas charge.
All of this without losing sight of the characteristic reliability of our products, needed to serve the important industrial production plants.

Customized according to your request

Our know-how, gained in over 40 years of activity, let us to better understand the needs of our customers and to offer the solution that best fits their request.

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