Liquid chillers

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Efficient, reliable liquid chillers, specifically designed for food industry

Our liquid chillers are complete refrigeration systems, built on monoblock, able to cool down (or to heat up) heat transfer fluids to serve utilities processes. The most common heat transfer fIuids are:

  • Propylene glycol based mixtures
  • Ethylene glycol based mixtures
  • High performance antifreeze fluids (Temper, Therminol, etc)
  • Water
  • Saline solutions
  • Brine solutions
  • Other fluids on request

Once these primary heat transfer liquids are cooled down (or heated up) will be used for the heat treatment of foodstuff such as:

  • Sauces, creams, chocolate, syrups or other food products by means of jacketed pipes or heat exchangers
  • Wine, beer, cider, musts, milk, fruit juices, soft-drinks by means of tanks with cooling jackets / immersion plates or heat exchangers
  • Water and carbonated drinks intended for the carbonization process before bottling
  • Industrial mixers for low temperature doughs: bread, pizza, biscuits, etc
  • Solid foods through forming machines
  • Foodstuffs stored into cold rooms or in transit by cooling tunnels
  • Raw materials stored into temperature controlled warehouses or rooms

The uses of our liquid chillers are therefore innumerable and can range from the cooling of grapes musts to the industrial freezing

Depending on the kind of use and the required cooling capacity, our chillers are designed:

  • For the use with the most innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly HFC / HFO refrigerant gases
  • With compressors’ types (Scroll, alternative pistons, screw or centrifugal) chosen according to the field of use
  • With specifically designed heat exchangers
  • Choosing only high quality components, meticulously selected
  • Considering the available space for installation and maintenance

And many other important factors that allow us to design and manufacture real custom-made chillers for our customers, that will fit such as a tailored suit!



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Liquid chillers