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ZG ColdFlow - Zoppi Srl

Tube-to-tube heat exchanger and chiller in one single unit, the ideal solution for small wineries

The ZG ColdFlow is a liquid chiller for glycolate water (propylene glycol) or for pure water, equipped with a tube in tube heat exchanger in AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel corrugated tube.
Specific for the cooling of grape must and wine, in a single passage, the internal heat exchanger can be designed in various diameters and various lengths, it is supplied already lined with insulating material for low temperature and equipped with thermometers installed in input and output of the product circuit.

Standard cooling capacities from 15 kW to 120 kW, heat exchanger for flow rates up to 10 T/h

ColdFlow is a machinery specifically developed for wineries: the liquid chiller can work in a dedicated way to its own heat exchanger, or the cooled glycol can be pumped to the winery system, inside the cooling jackets or the immersion plates of the wine tanks. In the same way, the refrigerated liquid can also be used to air-condition the winery locals, the barrel room, technical rooms and bottling areas.
The small-medium models are equipped with wheels in order to be easily moved inside the winery area. In this way they can be positioned near and in service of the wine tanks that are without temperature controls systems, connecting the heat exchanger directly in recirculation to the wine / must.
Also available with liquid heating section, ideal for performing malolactic fermentations or hot treatments on wine / must.

Built in monoblock, it is supplied with everything aboard:

  • Liquid chiller with adequate cooling capacity to supply the heat exchanger
  • Tube in tube heat exchanger sized for desired flow rates and thermal drops
  • Storage tank for cooled liquid, made of stainless steel
  • Hydraulic pump in service to the heat exchanger, with hydraulic by-pass circuit which allows to exclude the internal exchanger and pump the liquid to the utilities line of the winery system.
  • Electrical control panel for the system management
  • Monoblock structure and stainless steel containment panelling

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