Plate heat exchangers and thermoregulation units

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High efficiency plate heat exchangers for filtered homogeneous liquids

The SP series heat exchangers are the most efficient heat exchangers in the world.
However, they are mainly suitable for thermic processes, in cooling or heating, of homogeneous and filtered liquids or in any case without suspended parts.

Designed for food products

Where the food compatibility is required, the plate exchangers are inspectable type, sealed by gaskets (or glued).
The heat exchange plates are made of AISI 316L stainless steel, with corrugations specifically designed for different food liquids:

  • Wine: to perform the tartaric stabilization in continuous process, with the possibility of combining an heat recovery system to re-heat the wine just stabilized before bottling
  • Beer: to perform rapid cooling and for the pasteurization process
  • Milk: to refrigerate it and for the pasteurization process
  • Alcoholic drinks and liqueurs: for processes related to refrigeration and bottling
  • Soft drinks, water and carbonated drinks: intended for the carbonization process before bottling
  • Syrups: to maintain them at low viscosity, in service to syrup rooms

For all other products

Where the food compatibility is not required, the exchangers can be brazed type. They maintain the same efficiency as their inspectable cousins but have the advantage of being much cheaper.
The plates are made of AISI 316L stainless steel sealed with pure copper brazing, they have many types of corrugations suitable for each kind of fluid.

  • Diathermic oil: heated or cooled depending on the type of process
  • High performance fluids: Temper, Therminol, mainly used in low temperature processes
  • Cooling lubricants, oils used in mechanical cutting processes: used to cool spindles and cutting tools
  • Steam, hot water for sanitary or for technological use: for the thermal processes and heat recovery
  • Liquid hydrocarbons and petroleum derivatives: for energy production processes

Thermoregulation units equipped with circulation pumps and automatic process management systems, all in one

Temperature control units assembled in a monoblock, equipped with thermoregulation (electro-actuated or pneumatic), hydraulic pumps for the circulation (or the re-launch) of primary and secondary fluids, control panel for the management of the whole system: of the thermoregulations, of the pumps and of the automation of the process signals to the other machinery linked on the same system.

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