Corrugated multiple-pipe heat exchangers

Scambiatori multitubo corrugati

Multitube corrugated heat exchangers, specifically designed for the transit of liquids with suspended or semi-solid parts

The SM-C series of heat exchangers are ideal for heat transfer, in cooling or heating, of unfiltered or not entirely liquid food products.
Unlike of the plate heat exchangers, which are particularly sensitive to suspended parts present into liquids, thanks to the wide pipes passages it is possible to manage the transit of solid pieces without risk of clogging.

Corrugation specially designed to reach the maximum efficiency

Our corrugated pipes have an huge impact on the performance of the heat exchanger, because they allow to increase the heat exchange available surface for the same linear length and creates a lot of turbulences to the passing fluids, maximizing the overall efficiency of the heat exchanger.
They are very efficient, for this reason they are able to perform thermal drops ΔT from 5°C to 20°C with a single passage.
In other processes they are used in the recirculation of the product (e.g.: into a tank) or they are added to more complex industrial processes for continuous operation such as heat recovery systems.

They are widely used for thermic processes of food products, but not only:

  • Wine making: wine, pressed must and destemmed grapes
  • Beer crafting: beer must
  • Dairy: fresh milk, yogurt, cheese creams
  • Food processing: chocolate, creams, sauces, honey
  • Fruit: fruit musts
  • Vegetables: added with washing liquid to lower the temperature before cutting and processing
  • Non-food products: sewage or digestates for heat recovery

They consist of an external tube, called shell, and one or more internal pipes. They are specifically sized for the type of product to be treated, the required duty cycle and flow-rates of the product and the primary fluid.
They can be insulated to minimize thermal dispersions to the external environment, by by closed cell expanded elastomer in various thicknesses (depending on the heat treatment to be performed) and protective finish in stainless steel sheet, with various aesthetic finishes, or in aluminum.

Depending on the sizing they can be manufactured with different characteristics

  • Modular construction in 2-3-4-6 meter lengths with one or more circuits
  • Standard pipes in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 and other types of steel available on request
  • Coaxial or multitubular version
  • Coaxial piping diameters: DN 40 – 50 – 65 – 80 – 100 – 125 – 150 – 200
  • In the internal multitubular versions pipes diameters are available starting from DN 10
  • 180° curves with standard or wide radius interaxes for products with high viscosity
  • Tri-Clamp, DIN or flanged jointed curves types, which can be quickly removed for cleaning operations
  • With expansion compensators that allow CIP (Clean In Place) washing with steam or water at high temperatures
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 support frame

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