Heat exchangers

Scambiatori di calore

The right system to thermically transfer the cold or the heat directly to the heart of your product

Designing and manufacturing of heat exchangers for any need in the service of fluid products, with suspended or semi-solid parts.
Heat exchangers are essential tools to perform fast thermic processes to food products. They can be used to perform rapid temperature reduction / increases, to pasteurize, to heat, to recover heat from other processes, etc.

Built entirely of stainless steel, they do not allow the mixing of liquids and so are therefore ideal for the heat treatment of food products, but not only:

  • Oenology: filtered and not-filtered wine, pressed must and destemmed grapes
  • Beer making: beer must, filtered and not-filtered beer
  • Dairy: milk, yogurt, cheese creams
  • Food processing: chocolate, creams, sauces, honey
  • Drinks: water, soft drinks, alcohol based, cider
  • Fruit: fruit musts, filtered and not-filtered fruit juices
  • Vegetables: added with washing liquid to lower the temperature before cutting and processing
  • Non-food products: sewage or digestates for heat recovery

Each product which needs to be thermally treated has different characteristics, so each heat exchanger must be carefully sized and designed by our technical experts.

Heat exchangers are designed to be combined with our liquid chillers, the Comby or other systems from our production.



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Heat exchangers