Industrial dehumidification

Deumidificazione industriale - Zoppi Srl

The most advanced dehumidification and air temperature control solutions for industrial production lines and climatic chambers

We design and manufacture air handling turnkey systems, for the humidity controlling, in dehumidification and humidification, and for temperature control, in cooling and heating, for industrial companies that need to have specific air (at a specific temperature and humidity grade) in service of complex production processes.

The utilization of the most sophisticated cooling systems and the most advanced absorption dehumidification processes, allow us to make an infinite combination of temperatures and humidity to serve your needs

Complete control of the air temperature: from -50°C to +85°C
Complete control of the specific grade of humidity: from Q = 0,01 g[‎H2O]/kg[air] to 100%RH

Systems designed for food production lines

Air at low and very low temperature for the heat treatment in cooling of food products and for freezing. At the same time our systems can also control and manage the humidity of the cooled air.
This kind of industrial systems are generally used to lower the temperature of food products which have leaved the ovens and need to be cooled quickly but which must be guaranteed the absolute lack of humidity. Example: waffles, wafers, biscuits, pralines, etc.
In other situations, our systems are designed in service to cooling tunnels, parking chambers, maturation cells or simply refrigerated warehouses with controlled temperature and humidity.

Turnkey systems for climatic chambers

Today, many enterprises need to test their products under extreme conditions to verify their reliability and functioning. For this reason climatic chambers and test benches are increasingly in demand, which need precise primary systems for the production of cold / hot fluids/air and for the control of the air quality in humidification and dehumidification.
The Zoppi srl is able to serve this kind of requests, designing and manufacturing reliable, precise and efficient turnkey systems.

Our specialized technicians are at your disposal for further information, do not hesitate to contact us.