Drywind K2

Dry Wind K2 - Zoppi Srl

Industrial dehumidifiers on wheels, very compact and extremely powerful

Our Drywind K2 dehumidifiers are the result of long experience in the industrial sector. Now we manufacture two models, of different power sizes, very powerful and versatile: K2-28 and K2-50.

Ideal for cellars, barrel rooms, production and drying rooms

  • To control the excess of humidity in the wineries, wine aging rooms, cellar rooms
  • To extract moisture from grapes, medicinal herbs, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables in general
  • To drastically shorten the drying and / or withering times of a product, giving it uniformity and consistent quality
  • To manage the humidity in laboratories and technical rooms
  • For storage warehouses for hygroscopic and moisture-sensitive materials, such as paper, flours, dusts, wood, fabrics, electronic components, etc.

Industrial dehumidifiers with refrigeration circuit

Built on stainless steel structure and paneling, they combine compact dimensions with an high quality and very efficient refrigeration system.
They have to be placed directly into the environment to be dehumidified, the air is aspirate laterally and the humidity is collected by the cold evaporator battery, condensating on its specifically designed fins. From the top the air is expelled dehumidified and slightly overheated (about +2.5°C).

Despite their compact dimensions, they can handle rooms up to 2.500 m³

Thanks to its large ventilation capacity, up to 3.900 m³/h of the K2-50 model, is guaranteed a correct air circulation and an adequate number of air changes per hour.
The wheels grants easy handling and the possibility of installing them in the most critical areas of the environments that have to be controlled, or to move them to various rooms as required.