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Dehumidification systems for controlling the air quality at the service of warehouses or productive lines in the food sector

Thanks to many years of experience in the industrial sector, Zoppi srl has developed and marketed various products for the control of air humidity.

Nowadays, the quality air quality control has become essential for enterprises and their productive lines. Omit air quality control and humidity can cause enormous economic damages to both finished products and raw materials, especially when they have hygroscopic capabilities.

For cellars, barrel rooms, warehouses and production areas

Controlling humidity in an environment means guaranteeing a proper preservation of products intended for aging, an example is the wine stored into the barriques inside wineries and barrel rooms, waiting to be bottled.
Regarding the food raw materials (grapes, fruit in general, medicinal herbs, mushrooms, etc.), the reduction of humidity (dehumidification) is necessary to perform the withering process, refining the qualities and concentrating flavors and aromas.

For industries looking for customized air quality control systems

In industrial applications it is necessary to have the air at the right temperature and humidity in order to properly treat food products inside cooling tunnels, drying systems and freezing rooms.

Our systems are also used to serve climatic chambers for simulating extreme environmental conditions.



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