Comby® hot and cold simultaneously

Comby® caldo e freddo contemporaneamente - Zoppi Srl

The most complete and efficient system for the production of cold and hot liquids simultaneously

The ZG Comby® it is a compact system composed by the combination of a liquid chiller and a thermal unit (which can be fed with different types of fuels), in a single monoblock.
Intermediate exchange systems, managed by electronic thermoregulations, permits the simultaneous production up to 5 types of fluids at different temperatures.

Why it is convenient to install a Comby?

  • It is not a fixed system, but a monoblock unit, which can be installed and moved at any time, maintaining its integrity and functionality
  • It is a unit which was assembled and tested at our facilities, ready to be installed
  • Designed for outdoor installations without additional costs necessary for the construction of thermal power stations and bureaucratic paperwork
  • It does not require the design and construction of thermal power stations/rooms because it does not occupy covered and internal spaces
  • It is completely made of in stainless steel, according to the customer’s needs and in full respect for the environment


This machine has an infinite number of applications and it is used very successfully in various sectors of the food industry such as: wine-making, brewing, dairy, preserver food, confectionery, pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural and wherever products have to be controlled simultaneously in heating and cooling.
Particularly suitable to be combined with oenological vinification and thermovinification systems, jacketed piping, concentrators, evaporators and pasteurizers for the thermal treatment of foodstuff, for temperature and humidity control in storage rooms, with tanks and heat exchangers for the stabilization of food liquids such as wine, beer, beverages and soft drinks.

The ZG Comby® is an extremely versatile machinery and for this reason is designed and custom-built for any need.