Bottle neck freezers

Congelatori di colli di bottiglia - Zoppi Srl

Professional bottleneck freezers for the disgorgement process, in service to the most demanding wineries

The Zoppi srl is a leading manufacturer of bottle neck freezers (CCB series), specific for disgorging (or degorgement) of sparkling wine bottles according to the traditional Champenoise method.
These low temperature liquid chiller allow to cool down a mixture of water and food grade propylene glycol, up to a temperature of -28°C. The freezing process is done by immersing the neck of the bottle into the refrigerated solution for 6-8 minutes.

Industrial solutions in service of oenology

Our bottleneck freezers are low temperature industrial liquid chillers. This is not commercial equipment for hobbyists, but high quality refrigeration systems for wineries that need reliable and professional machinery.

La serie CCB, molti modelli per tutte le capacità produttive

Our range of standard bottleneck freezers includes the following models:

Bottle places486087124160
Production bott./h250 – 300400 – 450500 – 650700 – 950900 – 1.200

The number of bottle places refers to the standard support plate for standard bottles. On request, the support plate can be supplied with a special drilling for customized bottles, therefore the number of bottle places may vary from the standard.
The hourly production indicated may vary according to the temperature of the bottle, the alcoholic grade of the wine and the set-point of the coolant.

Customized versions for every needs

In addition to the standard range, we are able to design and manufacture customized bottleneck freezers for every needs.
Special voltage versions equipped with native electric motors for the various extra-European tensions of the country of destiny.
Special support plates for customized bottles, versions with programmable timing system to scheduling the start time of the cooling process, bigger versions up to 230 bottle places.

Low temperature liquid chillers for automatic disgorgement lines

For larger and industrial wineries, we design and manufacture very low temperature liquid chillers to be combined with automatic disgorgement lines, to refrigerate food grade coolants up to -40°C.

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