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The Zoppi s.r.l. company designes and manufactures a series of small liquid chillers specific for the customers that have small productions but they don't want to renounce at the quality of the high power chillers.

These small refrigerator - heater units can be used for many works, for example to conditioning small and medium environment, to temperature control and stabilization of foodstuff such as wine, beer, sauces, milk; or cutting or pneumatic oil for machine tool, etc..


It is the smallest of our refrigerator production. The Minicold is an all-purpose chiller that can be moved easily from a plant to another because it is provided with wheels and powered by a 220V single phase plug.
ZG Minicold is a glycolate water refrigerator which can combined with a 10/15 hl tank with a cooling jacket(or an immersion plate) to control the fermentation and stabilization temperature of products written above.
As an alternative can be used to conditioning one environment to 250m³ of volume.

ZG Minicold is especially designed for small wineries, breweries, chemical laboratories, small food industries, pastries, workshops for the cooling down of cutting or pneumatic oil for machine tool, for the conditionating of offices or controlled temperature stores, etc..

Despite the dimensions its working range is the same of the biggest chillers:
- minimum temperature of the glycolate water: -8°C
- maximum temperature to the air condenser: +32°C

The chiller is composed by a motor-driven hermetic compressor, air condenser, stainless steel plate evaporator, circulator pump for the coolant, electrical control box, thermostat for the temperature control, monobloc structure on stainless steel with wheels, containement panelling made of finely-glazed stainless steel sheeting and electic cable with 220V single phase plug.


When you need more power than the Minicold, the Zoppi s.r.l. company can offer to the customer the chillers from the "Serie ZG" that are designed for various industries, from the smallest one to the biggest that have an huge request of power.
This production starts from the small refrigerators that are composed by:

  • Motor-driven hermetic compressor "SCROLL" up till 8,5kW
  • Insulated stainless steel plate evaporator for cooling water and anti-freeze mix
  • Forced-air condenser
  • Electrical control box with electronic coolant temperature control
  • Insulated coolant storage tank with fittings and full discharge valve
  • Motor-driven centrifugal pumps(two for standard models, one of which is for the recirculation of the coolant from the tank to the evaporator and the other one for the users: "SP" plate or "SM" coaxial exchangers, heat-conditioned tanks, ventilated batteries for cooling the premises or cold stores)
  • Monobloc structure on stainless steel sections and containment panelling made of finely-glazed or satin-finished AISI 304 stainless steel sheeting

Standard working range: +45°C to -10°C.

These models can be provided, on request, with wheels and for the smallest the 220V single phase version.

Our refrigerator-heater units "Serie ZG" can be designed on customer request.

Our liquid chillers are supplied fully-tested, with "CE" certification, with instruction and maintenance manual and gas-filled with ecologic refrigerant.

Detailed technical description

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