associazione tecnici del freddo
The Zoppi srl company is a privileged member of the Associazione Tecnici del Freddo(the italian engineers of cold association) as our technicians are all highly specialized in the design and setting-up of refrigeration equipments and plants in the industrial refrigeration segment. With the ATF our company is always in step with new technologies of the cold and is able to provide to our customers the best and most innovative solutions.

certificazione sincert moody
The Zoppi srl company has acquired in 2005 and in 2008 obtained the renewal of the Quality Certificate issued by Moody International Certification with registration number 0514176 for the management system for Quality conformed to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.
The Moody International Group is a worldwide technical services organisation dedicated to reducing clients' risks by providing technical inspection services, technical staffing services, and technical and behavioural training on a global basis and management system certification on a local basis.
www.sincert.it - www.iso9000.it

costruttori da 30 anni
One of the Zoppi srl's strengths is to be a company that designs and manufactures all its products.
The importance of be manufactures allows to provide high quality products designed and made on customer request.

Unione Camere Esperti Europei
La Zoppi srl è iscritta all'Unione Camere Esperti Europei. L'U.C.E.E. è un'organizzazione di lavoro operante nei paesi dell'Unione Europea e negli Stati Extracomunitari di professionisti, lavoratori, di imprenditori, a carattere associativo, indipendente ed apartitica, senza fini di lucro che, si richiama espressamente alla Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti dell'uomo e delle Libertà fondamentali del Consiglio d'Europa. The Zoppi srl company is member of the Union of European Experts Chambers. The U.C.E.E. is an autonomous non-profit labour organization with co-operative nature, not involved in any political Party, consisting of experts, workers and entrepreneurs, acting in the European and Extra European Community Countries, referring to the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights and to the Fundamental liberties of the European Council.
Any machinery that we design and produce are with "CE" certification because fully respects international standards.

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